About us

   Anicca Bags are unique handcrafted items made with simplicity and utility in mind. From the first stitch to final touches, each bag is carefully constructed with passion and purpose.  The authentic dialog between the different fabrics, colors and textures combined with utility and durability is what makes Anicca Bags unique.


Forrest Rodman

    Forrest Rodman spent his younger years as a desert rat in the absence of street lights. Born in Humboldt, Arizona, he moved a total of five times before his family finally settled in Meridian, Idaho. As a child, his family took all vacations in the form of car camping in National Parks around the Southwest. This upbringing from then-hippy parents helped instill in him a deep respect for Mother Nature and an appreciation of the outdoors that has continued to grow with him to this day. His love for adventure (and also a lack of money or scholarships to attend college)  found a major stepping through the United States Navy. He became a U.S. Navy corpsman (medic), specializing as a surgical technologist assisting in the operating room. “I wanted to travel and I figured, what better of a way to see the world then to sail around it?” After three years in the Navy without ever stepping foot aboard a ship, he was able to take orders to the aircraft carrier U.S.S Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). While serving aboard the carrier he visited countries he otherwise would have never been afforded the opportunity to visit: Cuba, Bahrain, Thailand, Singapore, Guam, Hong Kong, UAE, and Japan. Notably, Forrest took part in Operation Tomodachi, the humanitarian efforts provided to Japan after a 2011 tsunami devastated the Fukushima-Diiachi nuclear power plant and surrounding civilian areas. After his discharge in 2011, he began the Nursing program at Lewis and Clark State college in Lewiston, Idaho. “I should have taken a break after getting out of the Navy and instead I jumped right into another institution that I wasn’t really happy with.” Forrest decided to take a break from The Man and went to work in the mountains of Stanley, Idaho.  Forrest  is currently residing in Boise Idaho and frequently travels to Driggs to spend time in the outdoors. It was here that he was introduced to sewing through his friends Jeremy and Mark. “Sewing provides an outlet for creativity that I haven’t found in anything other than snowboarding and the outdoors.”